Baroness Greenfield Sues Royal Institute of Great Britain

Baroness Greenfield, one of the most prominent female scientists in the UK, will be suing The Royal Institution of Great Britain after losing her job on what she believes is sex discrimination. The neurologist was recently made redundant after the organization deemed her position no longer economical possible.

The Royal Institution, one of the most respected private research charities in the UK, served Baroness Greenfield with redundancy papers last Friday after a meeting with auditors revealed that the organization was facing financial problems.

Lady Greenfield spoke out on Saturday addressing the redundancy by announcing that she would take legal action against the organization as she believes their decision to terminate her position has questionably motives.

She added that since the 211 years the Institution has been operating, she is the only female scientist to be given an appointment. She continued saying that her removal did not seem to be in the best interest of the organization financially or otherwise.

Lady Greenfield was given redundancy papers after the board of trustees for the charity deemed her position as full-time director no longer financially possible for the firm to maintain. Currently, the charity is more than £3 million in debt after experiencing funding issues during the recession.

Supporters of the popular scientist are arguing that Lady Greenfield has managed to bring a more modern approach to the historic institute whose aims are to bring science to the public. Lady Greenfield regularly appears on UK television on behalf of the scientific body.