Otarian brings low carbon meat-free meals to London’s West End

London’s West End will receive the UK’s first low-carbon, completely veggie restaurant this summer. Otarian, which has two other restaurant openings in New York City during this month, will open two new locations in London. The two stores will go in at Wardour Street and Shaftesbury Avenue in June.

Otarian is a quickly growing chain with a low-carbon vegetarian menu designed around maintaining a sustainable and low carbon footprint business model. The menu features all vegetarian dishes that come with their carbon footprint highlighted for each item. According to the eatery, diners can help save 3kg of carbon per year by eating the chain’s ‘Carbon Saving Combo Meal’.

Founded by Australian environmentalist Radhika Oswal, Otarian aims to show the planet that food can be both delicious and eco-friendly. According to Oswal, vegetarianism is arguably the most environmentally conscious and sustainable way for eating.

She says that all-vegetarian meals carry lower ecological footprints, lower carbon emissions, and greater conservation of the world’s water resources than most meat-based alternatives. Oswal hopes to use Otarian to help combat global climate change and change the world’s current trajectory.

The eco-friendly chain has been quickly expanding since its inception. In addition to the two new eateries in London in June, Otarian will also open up a third location on Regent Street by the end of the year. The restaurant group is planning to expand across the UK to reach further markets around Europe.