Model Andrej Pejic Wears Men’s and Women’s Clothes at London Fashion Week

Model Andrej Pejic was the talk of London Fashion Week, which ended on Tuesday. The Serbian-born 19-year-old male is every fashion designer’s dream girl - tall, skinny, flat-chested, wide eyes, full lips, prominent cheek bones and long straight hair. That’s right, we said male model and dream girl in the same sentence, as he has been wearing women’s and men’s fashion from designers.

To anyone that doesn’t know who he is, Pejic is believable as both a man and a woman and is featured in luxury ad campaigns. Storm, his London modeling agency, lists him for both genders of modeling.

Jean Paul Gaultier most recently hired Pejic to model in his spring 2011 couture show in Paris, wearing the scene-stealing wedding gown. He has also hired the model for his fall 2011 menswear fashion show in Paris.

The Australian-raised model has more than just a girlish appearance, as he can confidently and sensuously walk the catwalk, even in heels. He even displays the arrogant supermodel attitude. Together, these are the things designers believe will sell their collections.

Pejic tells media that he is comfortable modeling as both a man and a woman. Although, womenswear is more glamorous and exciting, he said. He has to work to have more of a masculine presence in menswear, he added.

He also noted that his goal is to appear in iconic men’s magazine Playboy, and hopefully Hugh Hefner has noticed his work. He would love to do Playboy, which he loves, with photographer Terry Richardson, who would be the person to do it, he said.