Jessie J lashes out at X Factor while defending the voice

When it comes to “talent” shows on TV, none are as popular as X Factor. Despite this fact, Jessie J has decided to diss on the X Factor while defending her choice to come back for a second series of The Voice.

According to Jessie J, she wanted to stick with being a judge on The Voice because it has “credibility”. This is something she feels that X Factor is missing. Instead of going where the money is she wanted to have a chance to help people who really had a talent for signing.

Jessie J, who is known for her song “Price Tag”, said that she definitely would not be on The Voice if it was not credible. She also said that it’s an actual music show that celebrates the gift of music, and does not ridicule people for trying. She feels that critics have been unfair to the show. They have been comparing it to The X Factor. However, it seems unfair to compare a brand new show to something like The X Factor that has been around much longer.

According to Jessie J, The Voice is better than The X Factor because it’s realistic. The Voice is like “nothing else”. Instead of putting people on the stage and laughing at them and bullying them, The Voice tries to help people. It doesn’t want to make quick cash for embarrassing people on TV.

Jessie J, who just recently raised money for Comic Relief by shaving off all her hair, said that she would return to The Voice on 30 March. She will be joined by, Danny O’Donoghue and Sir Tom Jones.