Simon Cowell says he’s not gay, but people shouldn’t care even if he was

Lately, Simon Cowell has been taking a lot of grief from fellow judge David Walliams on Britain’s Got Talent. Apparently, David just continues to make gay comments about Simon. With the next show expected to kick off later this week, it doesn’t seem like David plans to stop anytime soon.

The latest comment from David came while they were searching for a new star for the show. During the search, David suggested that Simon had the hots for one of the stars. In fact, he said that Simon’s nipples are always erect when he sees him. David said that he knows this because he can see them right through his jumper.

Despite all of this, Simon does not seem to be upset about the comments. In fact, while doing an interview on Radio Times, Simon was asked if he is bothered by David’s attacks on his sexuality. To this, Simon said that if he lived 200 years ago in a coal mine, yeah. However, in this day and age, Simon doesn’t see a problem with it. In fact, Simon says that he works in one of the gayest industries in the whole world - TV and music.

Simon added that he honestly feels that it would not make a difference in his career or his life if he was gay. Simon did say that he is not gay, but if he was, he would care less what people think of him. That is because there is nothing to be ashamed of for being gay. The question, “Are you gay?” is kind of an antiquated question now.