Toyota Forced to Recall More Than 242,000 Hybrid Cars Due to Brake Flaws

It now seems that Toyota has recently announced that it will be recalling more than 242,000 of its electric and gas hybrid cars worldwide. This does include its bestselling model, the Prius. Apparently, this recall is due to a design flaw in the brake system.

Toyota is now saying that if people have a Prius that was produced from March to October of 2009, they need to take their car to the nearest Toyota dealership as soon as possible. The same goes for any Lexus HS 250h produced from June to October of the same year. This statement was released by Shino Yamada, a Toyota spokeswoman.

Due to this mechanical design flaw, drivers may experience a much longer stopping distance than what the car should have. The part that needs to be replaced is the brake pressure accumulator. Right now Toyota is worried that this part might crack due to fatigue. This would release nitrogen gas into the brake fluid. So far there have been no accidents reported, and Toyota would like to keep it that way.

In total, this recall affects 195,120 Prius vehicles around the world. The problem is only expected to affect about 5,030 HS 250hs. Toyota added that this recalled part will be exchanged for free when taken to a Toyota dealership. It should take about three hours for the part to be replaced.

Of course, this is not the first time that Toyota has had to recall its electric and gas hybrid cars. Back in 2010, it had to recall more than 433,000 hybrid cars due to a software glitch in the brake system. Once again, this was a recall that did affect both the HS 250h and the Prius.