Spanish Researchers Create Virtual Girl to Catch Paedophiles in Chat Rooms

Researchers in Spain have come up with a new program to catch paedophiles who hunt for underage girls in chat rooms. This new creation is called the negobot, and it poses as a 14-year-old girl on internet chat rooms with the sole purpose of catching paedophiles.

These researchers say that Negobot, who is sometimes referred to as “virtual Lolita,” uses artificial intelligence to chat with people online. The AI this program uses is so advanced that it is able to mimic the language that teenagers are using today. To be more accurate, it mimics the way a 14-year-old girl might talk.

When people engage in conversations with Negobot, it starts off with a neutral conversation. From there, it will actually adopt to seven different personalities, depending on the personality of the person it is interacting with.

Despite the fact that some believe this is a great system which can help police find paedophiles, others believe that it might trap people unfairly by making it seem like this “14-year-old girl” is coming on to them. However, the team behind the program says that this won’t be a problem.

A team at the University of Deusto is responsible for creating this new program. They say that it is the most advanced chatbot of its time. They said, until now, chatbots have had very predictable conversations. These conversations usually ended up tipping off paedophiles.

Negobot, on the other hand, uses what the team calls “advanced decision-making strategies.” This helps the robot simulate a real chat as it develops. This system is so advanced that it can even lead the conversation if needed. It is also able to remember details about discussions it has had in the past and use those details in new conversations.