Michael Jackson Autopsy Report Faked

TMZ and The LA Times have both reported that the recent details emerged about Michael Jackson’s autopsy results are not true. The autopsy results were first reported by The Sun, a London tabloid, that claimed the King of Pop was bald and emaciated, with a surgery-scarred and needle-marked body.

The autopsy was completed on Friday by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, but the toxicology tests will be pending for another several weeks, while a second private autopsy has been completed as well. The coroner’s office has now dismissed the reports The Sun made about the condition of Michael’s body.

In the article, The Sun reported Michael weighed 112 pounds, with nothing in his stomach other than partially dissolved pills. They also said that his shoulders, thighs, and hips were covered with needle markings, as well as that years of plastic surgery left the pop star looking disfigured.

Ed Winter, the assistant chief coroner, said that the details that were reported didn’t come from either the county or private autopsy report. He says that he doesn’t know where the information came from, but it isn’t accurate. Some of it is completely untrue, Winter added.

This report comes in a furious battle for media to leak details of the singer’s condition before he passed. Although some of the details appear to be accurate, everyone will have to wait for several more weeks before the final results of the autopsy are confirmed. Hopefully they won’t reveal a man who lived a drug-addicted and unhealthy life during his last years.