Paris may not be Jacko’s daughter after all

An old friend of Michael Jackson has popped out of the woodwork and is claiming to be the father of Michael’s daughter, Paris. Former child actor Mark Lester says he’s the dad and he has quite a convincing story to tell.

It’s well known that Lester and Jackson were close friends. According to Lester’s tale, Jacko was so disturbed that he couldn’t have sex so he sought to have children through artificial insemination. When his own sperm wouldn’t work, he asked Lester to make a donation to the cause.

“Michael found it very difficult to have relationships with women. He became very scared, and found it so disturbing he couldn’t perform. Michael wasn’t gay. But I’d say he was asexual. In 1996 Michael asked me if I would give him my sperm and I said yes. It was a gift to him, no money was paid. It was something I was honoured to do. He wanted children so badly,” said Lester.

Lester is able to go into great detail as he describes the entire incident including recalling the time and place of the alleged sperm donation. According to the tale, Lester donated sperm at a London clinic on three different occasions. Apparently after the donation, nothing more was ever mentioned about it.

Lester points at a photo of Paris Jackson and compares it to a photo of his own daughter, Harriet. The resemblance is striking. The two are practically identical. He says he can easily prove it with a paternity test.

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